Google Home Commands

Imagine something artificially intelligent to make your life easier than ever! Having such an assistant in your day-to-day life can make your day much more pleasing right?

The Google Home with its artificially intelligent, voice activated Google Assistant is the best of its kind. Its actually a home speaker that can do a large number of things for you. Its really worth to have one if your life is a hectic one.

Today, we are going to show you the complete list of Google Home commands or Google Assistant commands list 2019 that's gonna enhance your lifestyle.

The lion's share of the commands we listed here are already tested by us and you'll also find it useful for you.

The complete list of Google Home commands

Below are the Google assistant commands that are arranged in category wise. Also, if you wish to refer it offline we've made a Google Assistant Commands PDF that is available for download. The download link is provided at the end of this post.

Commands for New Users

  • "OK, Google, What can you do?"
  • "OK, Google, Help"
  • "OK, Google, What is Google Home?"

 Commands for Everyday use

  • "OK, Google, tell me about my day"
  • "OK, Google, how's the weather today?"
  • "OK, Google, show me the weather on [Chromecast name]"
  • "OK, Google, what's traffic like?"
  • "OK, Google, what's in the news?"
  • "OK, Google, remind me to [title] every day at [time]"
  • "OK, Google, tell me something good"
  • "OK, Google, remind me to water the plants when I get home"
  • "OK, Google, what are my reminders tomorrow?"
  • "OK, Google, delete all of my reminders"
  • "OK, Google, what's up?"
  • "OK, Google new calendar event"
  • "OK, Google, what's next on my calendar"
  • "OK, Google, list all events for March 21"
  • "OK, Google, find me a coffee shop"
  • "OK, Google, Did I miss any emails from yesterday?"

  Basic Commands

  • "OK, Google, help" : Ask for a help.
  • "OK, Google, Louder", "OK, Google, turn it up" or "OK, Google, Turn it to 11" : To control the Volume.
  • "OK Google, stop", "Pause" or "Be quiet." : To Control an action.
  • "OK, Google, call me My Boss" : Next time it will greet you like "Good morning My Boss"
  • "OK Google, open WhatsApp" : To open apps
  • "OK, Google, tweet ____" : To tweet something.
  • "OK, Google, Send [contact name] $20"
  • "OK, Google, Request $10 from [contact name]"

 Time Commands

  • "OK, Google, what time is it?" : To know the time.
  • "OK, Google, what's the time in India?" : To know the time in other locations.
  • "OK Google, set a timer for (time)" : To set a timer.
  • "OK Google, set a second timer for (time)" : To set another timer in addition to the former one.
  • "OK, Google, how much time is left on my timer?" : To check the time left for the timer.
  • "OK, Google, cancel my timer" : To cancel a timer that you already set.
  • "OK, Google, set an alarm for (time)" or "OK, Google, set an alarm for every day at (time)" : To set an alarm in Google Home.
  • "OK, Google, snooze alarm" : To snooze the alarm.
  • "OK, Google, cancel my alarm for (time)" : To cancel the alarm you already set.

Number Commands

  • "OK, Google, what's 242 times 16?" or "OK, Google, 247 plus 631?" : Simple Mathematics
  • "OK, Google, count to 10" : To count up to 10 (can be customized).
  • "OK, Google, give me a random number between 10 and 100" : To generate a random number between the given numbers.
  • "OK, Google, how much is 1000 dollars in rupees?" : To Convert Currencies.
  • "OK, Google, how many meters are in 100 yards" : To convert measurements.
  • "OK, Google, flip a coin" : To toss or flip a coin.
  • "OK, Google, roll a die" : To roll a die (can be used for board games).

 Search Commands

  • "OK, Google, spell [word]" : To know the spelling of a word.
  • "OK, Google, what does [word] mean?" : To know the meaning of a word.
  • "OK, Google, who is [person]?" : To know about a person.
  • "OK, Google, what is [thing]?" : To know about something.
  • "OK, Google, how old is [person]?" : To know a fact.
  • "OK, Google, what country is [location] in?" : To know the location.
  • "OK, Google, how far is [location] from here?" : To know the distance.
  • "OK, Google, what are the nearest restaurants to me?" : To know the restaurants near you.
  • "OK, Google, are there any [business] around here?" : To know about some bushiness near you.
  • "OK, Google, Is [business] open now?" : To know business info.
  • "OK, Google, give me a success quote" : To get some cool quotes of your choice.
  • "OK, Google, what is diabetes?" : To get medical info.
  • "OK, Google, how many calories are in [food item]?" : To get food info.
  • "OK, Google, who invented [item]?" : To know inventions.
  • "OK, Google, who wrote [book title]?" : To know about authors.
  • "OK, Google, how are Apples' stocks doing?" : To know stock info.
  • "OK, Google, when is [event]?" : To know about an event (Black Friday for example).
  • "OK, Google, what does [animal] sound like?" : To know about animal sounds.

 Shopping Commands

  • "OK, Google, what can I buy?" : To know what to buy.
  • "OK, Google, how do I shop?" : To get voice instructions on shopping.
  • "OK, Google, buy dish soap." : To buy the item from Google Express.
  • "OK, Google, reorder old dish soap" : To reorder a previously purchased item.
  • "OK, Google, add [item] to my shopping list" : To add your item to the shopping list.
  • "OK, Google, what's on my shopping list?" : To check the shopping list.
  • "OK Google, where's my package?" : To track your orders.
  • "OK, Google, What's the closest supermarket?" : To find the supermarket nearby. (can be customized).
  • "OK, Google, talk to OurGroceries"
  • "OK, Google, let me talk to eBay"
  • "OK, Google, buy [item name] from Walmart"

 Media Commands

  • "OK, Google, play some music" or "Play some [genre] music." : To play music.
  • "OK, Google, help me relax" or "OK, Google, play white noise" or "OK, Google play forest sounds." : To play ambient tracks.
  • "OK, Google, play [artist]" or "Play [song]" : To play artist or song.
  • "OK, Google, play the song that goes, 'Is this the real life?'" : To play a song by lyrics.
  • "OK, Google, What song is this?" : To know the song.
  • "OK, Google, Play [station name] on Pandora" : To play music from pandora.
  • "OK, Google, dislike this song." : To dislike the song on Pandora.
  • "OK, Google, Play [artist, song or genre] on Spotify" : To play sounds from spotify.
  • "OK, Google, Play [podcast name] podcast" : To play podcast.
  • "OK, Google, play some indie music" or "OK, Google, play [album]" : To play a Google Play album or playlist.
  • "OK, Google, Play [station name] on iHeart Radio" : To play music from iHeart Radio.
  • "OK, Google, Ask Song Explorer"
  • "OK, Google, Start Mix Lab"
  • "OK, Google, Play [station name] on TuneIn"
  • "OK, Google, Play YouTube Music"
  • "OK, Google, when did this album come out?" : To get info about the album.
  • "OK, Google, skip forward two minutes" : To skip the music 2 minutes.
  • "OK, Google, skip backward 30 seconds: : To rewind the music.
  • "OK, Google, stop in 20 minutes." : To set a sleep timer.
  • "OK, Google, let's look at what's trending on YouTube on [TV name]" : To pull up trending items from YouTube.
  • "OK, Google, play [show or movie title] on the [TV name]" : To play a movie or show on Netflix on Chromecast.
  • "OK, Google, read my book" or "OK, Google, read [book title.]" To play an audio book.
  • "OK, Google, next/previous chapter." : To skip audiobook chapters.
  • "OK, Google, how much time is left?" : To check how much time left in audiobook.
  • "OK Google, play at twice the speed." : To speedup the playback.
  • "OK, Google, play ambient sounds" : To play ambient sounds.
  • "OK, Google, tune my instrument" : To Tune the guitar.

  Radio Commands

With radio commands you can play local music, news and talk radio stations. You can find stations using tunein and search for available stations in your locality. Use the below radio commands.
  • "OK, Google, Play 91.9"
  • "OK, Google, Play Redfm 102.3"

 Sports Commands

  • "OK, Google, When do the [team name] play next?" or "OK, Google, did the [team] win last night?" : To know the sports updates.
  • "OK, Google, Who plays for the [team name]?" : To know the players of a team.
  • "OK, Google, Talk to RotoWire"
  • "OK, Google, what was the score for the last [team] game?" : To know the score.
  • "OK, Google, tell me about [team]." : Team info.
  • "OK, Google, Tell me facts about sports" : To get info about various sports.
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Score Tracker"
  • "OK, Google, Ask PGA TOUR"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Football World"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Racing Results"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Formula 1 Schedule"

  Game Commands

  • "OK, Google, Play Animal Trivia"
  • "OK, Google, Let's play Movie Trivia"
  • "OK, Google, Play Freeze Dance"
  • "OK, Google, Play Musical Chairs"
  • "OK, Google, Play Tic-tac-toe"
  • "OK, Google, Let's play Jungle Adventure"
  • "OK, Google, Play a game with my family"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Rogue's Choice"
  • "OK, Google, Let's play SongPop"
  • "OK, Google, Mad Libs"

 Health and Fitness Commands

  • "OK, Google, Talk to Virtual Nurse"
  • "OK, Google, I want to talk to WebMD"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Fitness Tips"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Beauty Companion"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Nike Coach"
  • "OK, Google, Ask Relax Guru to help me relax"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Life Meter"
  • "OK, Google, Ask Fitbit Coach for exercises"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Breathing Exercises"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Calorie Tracker"

 Productivity Commands

  • "OK, Google, Talk to Tile"
  • "OK, Google, What's on my agenda?"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Wonder"
  • "OK, Google, What's my daily brief?"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to todoist"
  • "OK, Google, Set a reminder"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to passchain"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Finance Guru"

 News and Weather Commands

  • "OK, Google, Tell me the news"
  • "OK, Google, What's the weather?"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Twitter Trends"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to CNBC about the markets"
  • "OK, Google, Let me talk to Feed Cruncher"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to World Air Quality Index"
  • "OK, Google, Ask AccuWeather for the forecast"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to News Guy"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Ambient Weather"
  • "OK, Google, Play the news from BBC News Summary"
  • "OK, Google, do I need an umbrella today?"
  • "OK, Google, show me the weather on [Chromecast name]"

 Travel Commands

  • "OK, Google, Ask how much longer"
  • "OK, Google, Call an Uber"
  • "OK, Google, Directions to [destination address]"
  • "OK, Google, Speak to Trivago"
  • "OK, Google, Find a hotel"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to KAYAK"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to triple-a restaurants"
  • "OK, Google, What to visit in [city name]"
  • "OK, Google, Status of [flight name/number]"
  • "OK, Google, Rent a car"
  • "OK, Google, how much is a round-trip flight to London?"
  • "OK, Google, find me flights with Jet Blue"
  • "OK, Google, when is my next flight?" or "OK, Google, my flights in [month]"
  • "OK, Google, what's the best restaurant in New Delhi?"

  Smartphone Commands

  • "OK, Google, call [contact name]" or "OK, Google, call the nearest tattoo shop" : To place a call.
  • "OK, Google, hang up" : To hang up.
  • "OK, Google, Take a selfie"
  • "OK, Google, find my phone" or "OK, Google, ring my phone." : To find your smartphone.
  • "OK, Google, is Bluetooth active?" : To check the Bluetooth status on your phone.
  • "OK, Google, Bluetooth pairing." : For Bluetooth pairing.
  • "OK, Google, cancel pairing." : To cancel Bluetooth pairing.
  • "OK, Google, clear all devices" : To un-pair and clear all paired devices.
  • "OK Google, turn on flashlight"
  • "OK, Google, Open Google account settings"
  • "OK, Google, Show my Google search history"
  • "OK, Google, Adjust my Google privacy settings"
  • "OK, Google, Adjust my Google security settings"
  • "OK, Google, Send a hangouts message to [say name]"
  • "OK, Google, Make a note with Evernote"
  • "OK, Google, Send a Whatsapp message to [say contact name]"
  • "OK, Google, Send a message with Viber"
  • "OK, Google, Send a Telegram message to [say contact name]"
  • "OK, Google, Search [say what you want to search for] on YouTube"
  • "OK, Google, Play [name of song] on Pandora"
  • "OK, Google,  Listen to [name of google music song]"
  • "OK, Google, Post [say your message] on Facebook"
  • "OK, Google, Post [say your message] on Twitter"

 'Smart Home' Commands

The Google Home can work with more than 1K+ devices and 150+ brands including TP-Link, August and more. You can use the below given Google Assistant commands to sync your Google Home with your devices. Click here to check whether you device is compatible with Google Home.
  • "OK, Google, turn on/off my lights" : To Turn on/off the lights.
  • "OK, Google, dim my lights to seventy percent." : To dim your smart lights.
  • "OK, Google, turn my lights [color]" : To change the color of your smart lights.
  • "OK, Google, turn the temperature to [temp]" : To control the temperature.
  • "OK, Google, raise the temperature 5 degree." : To increment/ adjust the temperature.
  • "OK, Google, lock the front door." : To control the smart lock (Works with August).
  • "OK, Google, turn on the TV" : Turn on the TV with Logitech Harmony.
  • "OK, Google, play channel 12" : Change the Channel with Logitech Harmony.
  • "OK, Google, play CBS on the Hopper" : Change the channel on a DISH Hopper.
  • "OK, Google, let's get this party started" : Customize the trigger phases for IFTTT.
  • "OK, Google, play [camera name] on [Chromecast name]" : To Show Nest cam feed on Chromecast.

 Broadcast Commands

The broadcast commands come into play if you have more than one Google Home Speaker in your home. You can easily broadcast your messages to all others in your home except the one you give command to. You can create custom broadcast messages and others in your home can reply to your broadcast messages.
  • "OK, Google, broadcast wake everyone up"
  • "OK, Google, broadcast breakfast is ready"
  • "OK, Google, broadcast lunch is ready"
  • "OK, Google, broadcast it's dinner time"
  • "OK, Google, broadcast time to leave"
  • "OK, Google, broadcast I'm home"
  • "OK, Google, broadcast I'll be home soon"
  • "OK, Google, broadcast let's go to the movie"
  • "OK, Google, broadcast TV time"
  • "OK, Google, broadcast sleep time"

 Chromecast Commands

  • "OK, Google, turn on the [Chromecast name]"
  • "OK, Google, play [song] on [Chromecast or Google Home name]"
  • "OK, Google, read my book on [Chromecast name]"
  • "OK, Google, play [video] on the [Chromecast name]"
  • "OK, Google, play/pause [Chromecast name]"
  • "OK, Google, stop [Chromecast name]"
  • "OK, Google, skip to five minutes on [Chromecast name]"
  • "OK, Google, set [Chromecast name] volume to 50 percent"
  • "OK, Google, mute [Chromecast]"
  • "OK, Google, show me a picture of an elephant."

 Kids-Friendly Commands

  • "Hey Google, Read Along with [book name]" : To play music and sound effects as kids read certain books out loud.
  • "Hey Google, Set a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle alarm for 6:00 PM" : To set a character themed alarm.

 Action Commands

These are commands to do third party action on Google Home. 
  • "OK, Google, let me talk to 21 Blackjack."
  • "OK, Google, talk to Best Dad Jokes."
  • "OK, Google, talk to Domino's and get my Easy Order."
  • "OK, Google, talk to Product Hunt."
  • "OK, Google, can I talk to Tender about drinks like an old fashioned?"
  • "OK, Google, tell me what my next task is with Todoist."

 Commands for Learning

  • "OK, Google, Talk to"
  • "OK, Google, Ask wikiHow"
  • "OK, Google, What's the definition of [word]?"
  • "OK, Google, Launch This Day in History"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to My Famous Heroes"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to National Geographic Bee"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to busuu"
  • "OK, Google, How do you say [word or phrase] in [language]?"
  • "OK, Google, Synonyms for [word]"
  • "OK, Google, Talk to Farmer's Almanac"

 Command for Songs and Poems

  • "OK, Google, sing me a song"
  • "OK, Google, read a poem"
  • "OK, Google, tell me a story"
  • "OK, Google, sing a lullaby"
  • "OK, Google, sing Yankee Doodle"
  • "OK, Google, sing me Happy Birthday"

 Easter Eggs Commands

  • “Hey Google, do a barrel roll.”
  • “Hey Google, what’s the loneliest number?”
  • “Hey Google, make me a sandwich.”
  • “Hey Google, when am I?”
  • “Hey Google, beam me up, Scotty.”
  • “Hey Google, how can entropy be reversed?”
  • “Hey Google, tell me a joke.”
  • “Hey Google, up up down down left right left right B A start.”
  • “Hey Google, who’s on first?”
  • “Hey Google, I am your father.”
  • “Hey Google, set phasers to kill.”
  • “Hey Google, did you fart?”
  • “Hey Google, it’s my birthday.”
  • “Hey Google, it’s not my birthday.”
  • “Hey Google, who let the dogs out?”
  • “Hey Google, do you want to build a snowman?”
  • “Hey Google, how many roads must a man walk down?”
  • “Hey Google, who is the real Slim Shady?”
  • “Hey Google, who ya gonna call?”
  • “Hey Google, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”
  • “Hey Google, where’s Waldo?”
  • “Hey Google, party on, Wayne.”
  • “Hey Google, talk like Yoda.”
  • “Hey Google, Do you know the muffin man?”
  • “Hey Google, Is your refrigerator running?”

 Funny Things to Ask Google Home

  • What's your sign?
  • Can you pass the Turing test?
  • Do you have a heart?
  • Do you ever get tired of answering questions?
  • Do you believe in ghosts?
  • What color are your eyes
  • What time do you get up in the morning?
  • Did you sleep well?
  • Do you have a family?
  • What's your shoe size?
  • What language do you speak?
  • What religion are you?
  • What are your powers for?
  • Are you God?
  • What's your best feature?
  • Where do you live?
  • Are you a machine?
  • What color are you?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • Are you a man or a woman?
  • What's your favorite color?
  • When is your birthday?
  • How old are you?
  • Do you have an imagination?

 Google Home Commands in Hindi

Google Home now works in Hindi language also. Now Indian users can make use of their language to use with the Google Home/ Assistant.
Some Hindi commands are provided below. Do check it out.
  • India ki PM kaun hai?
  • Paas Mein Konsi Petrol Bunk Hain?
  • Sambhar Kaise Banate Hain?
  • Timer Lagao
  • Kal Baarish Hogi?
  • Facebook App Kholo
  • Cricket Score Kya Hai?
  • Gaana Bajaao

Google Home Commands PDF Download

Here is the link to download the complete list of Google Home Commands in PDF.