Following is a list of HTML5 (now just HTML), JavaScript, and CSS resources that I find very useful.  I thought others might like a one stop place for such information as well.  I will be continually updating this list, so that it that stays relevant.  Feel free to email me or leave a comment with any resources that you find compelling and I’ll add them to the list!

EDIT January 30, 2012: It’s been nearly a year since I first posted this list, so much has changed since then.  Rather than try to maintain this single post, I’ve created a github repository.  Go there for the latest and greatest list.  I encourage others to add their favorite links as well.  I will keep this post active for posterity as well.

FYI, a year ago it was announced that henceforth, HTML5 would simply be known as HTML.  Well, fast forward a year, and like it or not, it certainly appears that that the term HTML5 is alive and well.  In fact, the HTML5 logo is littered throughout the web in support of this term.  So much for Ian Hickson’s decree.




Frameworks – MicroFrameworks

HTML Features

Audio & Video


Drag and Drop



Offline Apps

Web Workers



HTML – Miscellaneous

JavaScript – Miscellaneous

JavaScript – Server Side

JavaScript – UI Libraries

Reference Books & Articles


Tools – Doc Generation

Tools – IDEs

Tools – Message Bus

Tools – Performance

User Interface/UX


Wrapper Apps