Windows 7 as a whole is a great OS, with so many improved features over previous versions of Windows and a surprising boost in its performance. But its integrated application uninstaller feature is still not up to the mark (at least for advance users) and usually leaves behind various registry traces, empty folders and other useless junk, even after the complete removal of an application (or if that’s what it seems). This can make you fall into a major dilemma, as one has to manually remove all the leftovers, should an application needs to be completely wiped out. Perhaps, it would be improved in the upcoming version of the Windows (read: Windows 8), but to cope with current uninstaller utility, we have covered its various third-party alternative solutions, such as Revo Uninstaller, Fire U Uninstaller, KUninstall etc.
Today, we have another useful uninstaller application, labelled Geek Uninstaller. What makes it stand out from the integrated utility is that, while removing your unwanted applications, it also lets you remove all of its residue, such as registry entries and other items, after the uninstall operation. Details to follow after the jump.
This multilingual tool is quite simple and easy to use. Upon launch, it instantly recognizes and lists down all the  installed applications on your PC and their pertaining details such as Program Name, Size (on disk)and (date) at which the application was Installed On. The number of installed applications and their total size is also visible on the status bar. The Search bar (present at the bottom of the window) lets you quickly find the application from the list.
Right-clicking an application lets you jump over to its Registry Entry, Installation Folder Or Website. The Remove Entry option removes an application’s name from the uninstaller, and clicking Uninstall entirely removes the program from the computer.
Apart from uninstalling an app via conventional method, you may use the Force Removal option. It not only uninstalls the application, but also scans the system its residual files, folders and registry items. In addition, it also force closes the the application, if its currently running in the background. You can manually select which items to remove or simply mark them all to completely wipe off the application from your drive.
Geek Uninstaller is available for free and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 Ultimate.