Google Pixel And Pixel XL are great smartphones from Google and they are actually worth its money. But some users have reported that they have some issues with the pictures taken in the Pixel phones. So here in this guide we will show you how to get rid of the blurry pictures issue easily. For your easiness we have compiled a couple of methods to resolve the issue without any hassles.

The two methods to fix the issue is very simple and its actually some tweaks that you have to do on your smartphone.
How To Fix Blurry Pictures On Google Pixel And Pixel XL

So before proceeding, make sure that the issue is not caused by the protective cover on the camera lens. It's better to remove that transparent cover from the camera lens and then proceed.

If the issue remains after you removed the cover then you have to do the following.

How to Fix Blurry Images on Google Pixel

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. Open the camera App.
  3. Head over to the settings.
  4. Look for the Picture Stabilization and simply disable it.
That's it! A simple tweak can make the difference. So now try it and comment below whether it worked for you.

Cheers. :)